SGT delivers 30+ years of operational excellence, leveraging a multitude of SAP solutions for the global process sector.

SGT Solutions

What sets SGT apart is our comprehensive understanding of the global process sector — from OIl & Gas Upstream/Downstream/Midstream, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper to Metals & Mining. We employ people and techniques that get to the core business issues specific to your industry and then offer the optimal process and SAP leveraged Technology Solutions. Depending on the Size of your organization, SGT is able to offer the best fit SAP solutions and deliver them on cost optimized global delivery model.

Our unique value proposition to SMB markets is augmented by us bundling SAP cloud solutions with Implementation costs amortized over longer periods and thereby deliver a compelling ROI of matching Value Derived to Costs Incurred for our customers.

We specialize in delivery of SAP on-premise, S4 Hana cloud, and SAP BYD cloud solutions focused on the global process sector.

  • Process industries focused Templates
  • Built on affordability and accessibility
  • Replacing large, upfront costs with bundled financing model
  • ROI balanced -Matches value to cost for small & medium businesses
  • Global delivery models with optimal onsite/offshore (India) leverage
  • Compelling Value Proposition - Optimal Costs/ Lower Cycle time/Industry Focused.
  • Solutions specific to Process Sector - Oil & Gas Upstream/Downstream/Midstream, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper to Metals & Mining
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About SGT

For over 30 years, SGT has been helping businesses bridge the gap between SAP solutions and affordability. By helping smaller companies mitigate the prohibitive initial cost of SAP, SGT works to promote and make SAP solutions affordable with innovative economic models.

300+Industry Experts 30%Reduction in cycle time 50+Projects worldwide 6Industry Segments
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