Why SGT?

SGT is a proven global leader in Implementing SAP solutions for the Process Sector with Unique selling propositions USPs as follows:

Experts in SAP Product Implementation

With a history of both functional and technical experience in the OIl & Gas Upstream/Downstream/Midstream, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Pulp & Paper to Metals & Mining. SGT is equipped to implement SAP solutions supported by a deep functional understanding of the industry process. From OIl& Gas Upstream to Midstream to Downstream and Chemicals , SGT understands the end-to-end industry value chain and multifaceted challenges facing companies in these industry segements. This unique perspective allows us to better tailor a suite of SAP tools and systems to your company’s particular needs. This is further supported by SGT’s global network of employees, consultants, and company experts that are available to be deployed on an on-demand manner to meet the varying customer requirements.

  • SAP Business By Design
  • SAP Success Factors
  • SAP Ariba
  • SAP Concur

Rapid Delivery@ Optimized Costs

Being a global SAP solutions partner for Oil & Gas & Chemicals - SGT has developed industry focused implementation templates and accelerators and leverages a global delivery model driving cycle time/costs reductions and mitigating risks for its customers’ SAP projects,

“We can conclude that a modular approach can cut down the costs normally associated with building and certifying a sustainable DC whilst delivering long-term cost savings on expansion, operation and maintenance. A modular DC design approach offers enhanced flexibility to accommodate growth or changing requirements whilst providing an opportunity to spread investment costs over a longer time.”

Sustainable Benefits of Modular Data CentersDr. Thomas Wellinger, Market Manager Data Centre R&MJune 10, 2015

“Drivers for modularization.

  • Limited availability of skilled and affordable labor
  • Remote site access and severe site weather constraints
  • Desire to minimize field time and reduce construction costs
  • Reduction of site waste
  • Improvement in quality due to controlled environment
  • Repeatable construction that lends itself to duplication
  • Equipment replacement at an operating plant where downtime is not possible.”
December 2016Modularization: The key to success in today’s market

Compelling Unique Value Proposition:

SGT with its a) Deep Industry focus ; b) Proven Global Delivery Model and c) Bundled ALL inclusive Subscription Fee model For Small & Medium Business (SMB) customers truly delivers a compelling value proposition for any Process sector Large and SMB clients evaluating long term partner to be a trusted advisor for implementing SAP solutions.

Optimized ROI - Matching Costs to Value Realization

For Small & Medium Business (SMB) customers, given SAP cloud solutions - BYD or S4 HANA are mostly appropriate, SGT offers a bundled monthly recurring fee model that included SAP fee; hosting; Implementation and long term support. This recurring monthly fee amortises the upfront software and implementation costs and allows customers to optimize their ROI by matching Expenses to Value realization.

Top 20 Most Promising Energy Technology Solution Provider, 2016 & 2017 CIO Review Magazine