SAP SuccessFactors

Cloud-based human resource management for the future.

Improving Employee Experience

SuccessFactors is an industry-leading cloud human capital management suit that uses the latest technologies to help you secure top talent, connect people with their purpose, and drive results across your business. Combining a people-centric approach with the latest in HR technology and options for hiring, education, and straightforward resource management, getting to know your workforce and how it influences your business is easy.

  • Management: At its core, SuccessFactors is all about seeing what you have to work with. Combine your employee management, payroll, permits, and more with the cloud. The more you know about what’s going on with your employees, the more you know about how your business is running.
  • Talent Acquisition: Finding, training, and retaining quality employees is absolutely critical to the success of any business. With this HCM, it’s easier to collect the data you need about potential hires, open roles, and current performance so that you and your hiring managers can make informed decisions about the growth of your business.
  • Understanding: With multiple analytics and reports, you can get a bird’s eye view of how your human resources operation is performing, all without sacrificing access to the detailed numbers and statistics that help paint a fuller picture. Build a deeper understanding of the people that work with you.
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