SAP Concur

Manage expenses, invoices, travel and more from anywhere.

Simplify Your Processes

Thanks to emerging technology, SAP Concur is able to automate and simplify a business’ expense, travel, and invoicing concerns. The little things can pile up, and when it comes to travel and expense reporting and management, that can mean unexpected losses or unreported costs stacking up every year. Concur helps solve that problem with accurate and easy to understand reporting and management tools.

  • Expense: Simple, fast, and accurate. Streamline expense reporting and organizing charges with auto-populating credit card, select supplier, and receipt photo information. Make management easy and don’t lose track expenses.
  • Travel: Bring the entire corporate travel and booking process and related data together in one place, that way you can see and manage your corporate travel program how you want.
  • Invoice: Secure your invoice management with automated invoice processing. Eliminate late payments, streamline purchase requests, and stay on top of spending.
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