Building better customer experience.

Cloud-based Customer Experience Management

SAP C/4 HANA connects clients and business like never before. With five dedicated cloud channels for marketing, commerce, customer data, sales, and service, it offers a full suite of data collection and customer experience management that allows you to fully understand your customers. With that information at hand and on demand, businesses can position themselves to develop new strategies, capitalize on effective practices, and drive business growth.

  • Multi-Channel Options: With distinct cloud functionality for a variety of specific needs and customer experience focal points, C/4HANA addresses a multitude of CRM demands in a single product.
  • SAP Foundation: Supported by SAP and its interconnected web of partners, databases, and technology to provide a seamless experience for both businesses and customers looking to use this technology.
  • Flexibility: Expand, adapt, and innovate all on a single platform, or add multiple platforms from the extended SAP environment. C/4HANA is designed to function for any type of business with industry-leading cloud solution portfolios.
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