SGT Proprietary Methodology - LABS™

We engage with every client in the same way - by thoroughly understanding requirements up front and then working closely with them in a step-by-step proven methodology to ensure the project is completed on time and within budget.

Whether you are working with SGT on an IT, Business Process or Engineering project, you can be assured that our services and support will be tailored specifically to meet your objectives as quickly and cost-effectively as possible.










Interview key stakeholders

Observe and gather info on key business processes

Understand organization interface points and staffing requirements to support current and projected workloads

>> 30 Days 







Analyze client processes

Assess vs. best practices and assess india leverage points

Adapt processes and SGT onshore-offshore staffing mix to minimize business process disruption

>> 60 Days   





Build a team and process for prototyping simple processes followed by more complex processes

Test, calibrate, and re-test

Develop roadmap for scaling staff and processes

>> 90 Days   



Systematically add, train and deploy staff for broader rollout

Gather and monitor data on quality/accuracy of process execution

Measure client satisfaction and address issues

>> 180 Days

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